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04.16.2005 - CODAF now compatible with Compiere's 2.5.2

View Daffodil related news. 16th-April-2005: Daffodil Software announces the launch of the New CODAF (Compiere+Daffodil)- compatible with the latest Compiere version (2.5.2). This launch is in tune with our declared roadmap; and with this, we have bridged the gap between the earlier and the latest Compiere versions. Akin to its previous version, the New CODAF is equipped with an integrated installer - for Compiere and Daffodil DB - which can be installed in less than 5 minutes.
Full View / NID: 6308 / Submitted by: Rohit Malhotra

04.01.2005 - Java database Daffodil DB v4.1 released with performance enhancements

View Daffodil related news. 31st-March-2005: Daffodil Software a leading provider of java based database solutions today announced the release of version 4.1 of its popular Java database - Daffodil DB.
Full View / NID: 6309 / Submitted by: Rohit Malhotra

03.10.2005 - Daffodil Replicator v1.7 launched with Push-Pull Replication

View Daffodil related news. 9 th Mar, 2005 ( Gurgaon , India ):Daffodil Software, a Java database and replication technology company, today announced the beta release of Daffodil Replicator v1.7 with Push-Pull replication at
Full View / NID: 5841 / Submitted by: Rohit Malhotra

02.15.2005 - Daffodil Software: Open Source Database One$DB v4.0 released

View Daffodil related news. Daffodil software has announced the release of v4.0 of its open source java database One$DB. It is an open source database designed to handle complex computing environments that demand a robust, scalable and high-performance RDBMS that can operate across platforms. The new version (v4.0) enhances speed and adds key features such as support for updatable views, scalar sub-query and scalar functions.
Full View / NID: 5533 / Submitted by: Rohit Malhotra

02.10.2005 - PHP module for Java RDBMS Daffodil DB released

View Daffodil related news. Gurgaon , India - February 10, 2005 : Daffodil Software today announced the release of the PHP extension module for its Java database - Daffodil DB. With this move, Daffodil DB can now be used as a back-end for web-based applications, including websites.
Full View / NID: 5483 / Submitted by: Rohit Malhotra

02.05.2005 - Daffodil DB v4.0 launched with Compiere support

View Daffodil related news. 4 th Feb, 2005 (Gurgaon, India ): Daffodil Software today announced the stable release of version 4.0 of its popular Java database - Daffodil DB.
Full View / NID: 5411 / Submitted by: Rohit Malhotra

01.31.2005 - Open Source CRM - Daffodil CRM v1.0 (beta) - released at

View Daffodil related news. January 31, 2005 - Daffodil CRM development team is pleased to release the first version of Daffodil CRM, an easy to use, user friendly and flexible Java based Customer Relationship Management software. It's unique features like integrated email campaigns, customizable views, powerful filtering and automatic mail attachment will help businesses manage leads that drive successful, profitable and long term customer relationships.
Full View / NID: 5354 / Submitted by: Rohit Malhotra

12.02.2004 - Mandrakesoft bundles Java Database - Daffodil DB - with Mandrakelinux 10.1

View Daffodil related news. Gurgaon , India - December 2nd, 2004: Mandrakesoft has announced the bundling of the popular Java Database - Daffodil DB v3.3 - with Mandrakelinux 10.1 PowerPack. The bundled version of Daffodil DB is its 90-day evaluation version, which has the same features and capabilities as the commercial version.
Full View / NID: 5025 / Submitted by: Rohit Malhotra

09.23.2004 - Daffodil Replicator v1.4

View Daffodil related news. Daffodil Replicator is a data synchronization tool that provides a Java application capability to synchronize multiple data sources - some of which may be residing on a remote network. Daffodil's database synchronization tool allows its users to develop Java database for applications that can replicate and synchronize data between distributed Java-enabled databases. Replicator integrates impeccably with all Daffodil database products as well as with selected third-party databases that provide JDBC drivers.
Full View / NID: 4070 / Submitted by: Rohit Malhotra

09.03.2004 - Java™ RDBMS - Daffodil DB v3.3

View Daffodil related news. Daffodil is proud to announce the release of v3.3 of its Java™ RDBMS - Daffodil DB. In addition to several performance enhancements, Daffodil DB v3.3 offers newly added features such as:- 1. Support for 'Read Only' database - This will enable the developers to bundle their products/applications on Read Only media like CD-ROM. 2. Multi line comment support in SQL statements - This feature will help the developers to make multi-line comments, for future reference, at critical points in SQL while developing an application. 3. Full text search - This is based on the ANSI Structured Query Language (SQL), which is a standard interface language for accessing databases. Daffodil DB supports rich text retrieval without compromising on the format of the text. Daffodil DB’s full-text search enables you to not only search a table by specifying required columns, but also specify the search criteria thereby enabling search for specific words or phrases. Beside the above features, certain provisions have been made which will further enhance the performance of Daffodil DB.
Full View / NID: 3839 / Submitted by: Rohit Malhotra
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