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08.07.2015 - Seagate Team Working for a Better World, “One Park at a Time”

View Seagate-Technology related news. Seagate people feel it’s important to contribute to the good of the community Each year, Seagate’s Worldwide Sales Conference is packed with meetings, presentations and training. An equally important part of the agenda: volunteering in the local community. More than 300 employees converged upon San Francisco’s McLaren Park last week, where they trimmed trees and shrubs, removed […]
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08.06.2015 - In-time for FMS 2015 Seagate Reveals New SAS SSD

View Seagate-Technology related news. In the first product from Seagate’s alliance with Micron, this week the industry learned about the 1200.2 Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Solid State Drive (SSD). The 1200.2 SSD is engineered for enterprise and cloud users that need ultra-fast performance and a wide range of capacity and endurance options. But before demonstrations of the 1200.2 SAS […]
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08.05.2015 - The technology behind storage is so cool!

View Seagate-Technology related news. The technology behind storage is so cool. Really! And truth be told I’m not a geek — yet I love learning, talking and presenting the differences between disk drives. Yes, it’s my job but it’s also so COOL! Think about it — your entire digital life is all captured and contained in ones and zeros. Doesn’t matter […]
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08.04.2015 - My Son’s First Hard Drive

View Seagate-Technology related news.   My 14-year-old son recently purchased his first external hard drive (Seagate of course) – with his own money. First is the key word, as I consider the dozen or more that I have here and there. Remember when buying an extra storage device was a key milestone in your computer age lifestyle? It always […]
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08.03.2015 - Should You Upgrade to Windows 10? Ten Key Facts

View Seagate-Technology related news. Windows 10 was released last week, and everyone’s asking “Should I upgrade my Windows OS?” Of course, deciding to upgrade some things is easier than others… upgrading your laptop or external storage is a no-brainer: if you’re nearly out of space, or if you don’t have two separate copies of all your important data — […]
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08.03.2015 - InformationWeek’s ‘Dark Reading’ Delves Deeper Into Lockheed-led Multilevel Security Solution

View Seagate-Technology related news. True to its promise of ‘Connecting The Information Security Community’, this week Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor at published a piece enttiled, ‘Lockheed Martin-Led Consortium Builds Secure ‘System Of Systems‘. This is the first such piece from the media to tackle that aims to address the complexities of the Multilevel Secure (MLS) Ecosystem, a […]
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07.31.2015 - Size of the US Economy? The Atlantic Offers Interactive View of Data

View Seagate-Technology related news. As consumers we’re well aware, and surely every business leader knows: Data is Alive! Every day, data is constantly flowing to and from our customers, it surrounds and defines all our business processes, it changes as our efforts change, and affects our options and decisions. It goes without saying: we need to know how to […]
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07.31.2015 - Seagate’s CSES Flash Memory Summit Debut Offers New Products and Leadership Insights

View Seagate-Technology related news. The ‘Electronics’ part of Seagate’s Cloud Systems and Electronic Solutions (CSES) is the result of the completed acquisition of the assets of LSI’s Accelerated Solutions Division (“ASD”) and Flash Components Division (“FCD”) from Avago Technologies Limited. This technology acquisition has immediately boosted Seagate’s range and depth of flash storage capabilities and brings additional engineering expertise […]
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07.30.2015 - IDC Says Public Cloud Computing Will Approach $70 billion in 2015

View Seagate-Technology related news. A new report from International Data Corporation (IDC) reveals that organizations across industries will shift steadily toward cloud-first strategies in order to enable digital transformation. According to the research firm, this year spending on public cloud computing will approach $70 billion. IDC’s new report is titled “Cloud Computing: The Essential Foundation of Industry Digital Transformation […]
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07.29.2015 - Following in Cousteau’s and Albert Kahn’s Footsteps: LaCie at the Ends of the Earth

View Seagate-Technology related news. As a producer for The Explorers Network, Olivier Chiabodo spends most of his days traveling across the world. His job? Creating an archive of footage from across the earth that can function as an archive of the world – a sort of life insurance for the planet, like French banker Albert Kahn did in the […]
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07.23.2015 - Seagate Wins Lenovo Award for Quality, Tech Innovation

View Seagate-Technology related news. Seagate has won one of Lenovo’s top awards for supplier quality and technology innovation. Seagate captured Lenovo’s “Diamond Award” at the computer maker’s recent Global Supplier Conference. The award—the fifth time Seagate has earned it—is given to key suppliers that have strategically supported Lenovo and its corporate goals over the past year. Winners were selected […]
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07.23.2015 - Grow Your IT Skillset Before Moving to the Cloud

View Seagate-Technology related news. A move to a public cloud often manages to drive down capital expenditures. If it’s a public cloud where you’ll be running applications that you have to size for performance, there are some skills you’ll want to invest in before you make the move - principally: Monitoring Security and Compliance Orchestration & Automation Monitoring the […]
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07.22.2015 - Google Has Tons of Data on You — Use It for Your Own Purposes

View Seagate-Technology related news. Google has your data — Now you can use it for your own purposes Do you have your smartphone’s location features enabled? Likely you’re aware there’s a huge pile of data accumulating about your life, via your smartphone and your web activities. Well, yesterday Google stepped up with a cool new feature — Google Timeline — to let […]
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07.21.2015 - New Horizon Mission – Data That’s Out of This World

View Seagate-Technology related news. Here at Seagate we love a good data storage analogy. Consider the recent and quite popular Data in the Mad Men Era blog. If you’re a fan of contemplating just how far and how fast man-made innovation has taken us then you’ll love related factoids from the widely popular and successful New Horizon mission to […]
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07.20.2015 - A gegobyte hard drive would cover the earth 23,000,000 times

View Seagate-Technology related news. In the era of cloud, big data, smartphones and tablets, we’ve become used to talking petabytes, exabytes, even zettabytes.   Given how fast data is growing, what comes after zettabytes?  GigaOM raised this same question in their post “As data gets bigger, what comes after a yottabyte?” The answer: Brontobyte & Gegobyte Here is a fun experiment. […]
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07.20.2015 - Far Reaching Response to Seagate News Reflects Significance of Vision

View Seagate-Technology related news. Following last week’s announcements with IBM and HP, we collated the industry response - to date - in this ‘In the Media’ blog. This, however, did not capture all the news from that week not the entire, industry response. In addition to strengthening partnerships, Seagate also announced advances to its Hybrid Cloud Storage offering. In total, […]
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07.20.2015 - Power of “Pixels” — 15 Fun Facts from Favorite Classic Games

View Seagate-Technology related news. What’s the Power Behind Pixels? Summer blockbusters are in full swing with films like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mad Max: Fury Road, Entourage, Terminator Genisys, and Jurassic World already released. There are more films on the horizon, but one that has a special place in Seagate’s heart is Pixels. It arrives this week and stars […]
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07.16.2015 - (Video) Seagate Joins HP’s Partner Ecosystem to Deliver Highly Optimized End-to-End HPC Storage Solutions

View Seagate-Technology related news. Long linked to discovery and innovation, high performance computing (HPC), was once reserved only for extreme computing environments. Today, HPC is making its way into commercial environments as organizations look for new ways to cope with data challenges and/or to monetize data assets. Although HPC was arguably the original big data use case, the convergence […]
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07.15.2015 - Seagate Reveals New and Updated Hybrid Cloud Data Protection Solutions

View Seagate-Technology related news. Today, Seagate announced new Hybrid Cloud Data Protection products and product enhancements that will help organizations master five key elements of modern data protection. When moving away from operationally complex, physical silos of storage and disparate backup and recovery products and toward automatic, streamlined, modern data protection there are five elements your organization cannot afford […]
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07.14.2015 - Seagate Cloud Systems and Electronic Solutions – In the Media

View Seagate-Technology related news. The news of Seagate’s alliance with HP and its extended relationship with IBM is receiving widespread attention from industry and business media across the U.S. and EMEA. Coverage to date is listed below: EMEA Storage Consortium: Seagate combined with IBM HPC ClusterStor Spectrum Scale Software IT Times: Seagate Technology lowers revenue forecast - Cooperation with […]
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