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08.27.2015 - (Analysis) The Benefits of a Cloud Tuned for Backup and Recovery

View Seagate-Technology related news. Last month, I talked about the IT skill sets you need to grow to successfully move to a public cloud: monitoring, security and compliance, orchestration and automation.  Let’s make the benefits of a cloud tuned for a backup and recovery application tangible. Generally speaking, public clouds for which you need to tune and optimize infrastructure configuration and […]
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08.26.2015 - Open Up: Seagate Reveals Its Reliability Roots

View Seagate-Technology related news. Seagate’s R&D facility — test chambers designed to stress-test emerging drive designs by the thousands Anyone who understands home construction knows that you don’t pour concrete foundations in a rain storm — that’s asking for poor reliability and premature failure. Yet relatively few people understand hard drive reliability. As with any foundation, we intuitively know […]
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08.25.2015 - Seagate Helps Kids Engineer a Mission to Mars

View Seagate-Technology related news. Getting kids interested in science and technology can be a challenge at times, especially during the summer, when school’s out and all they want to do is play. A hands-on, interactive summer camp for young students in Minnesota makes learning fun. Over 500 students, including 67 children of Seagate parents, participated in STARBASE Minnesota’s Next […]
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08.25.2015 - At the Heart of Stock Market Fluctuations, Technology Seeks an Edge

View Seagate-Technology related news. With equal parts of reluctance and confusion people around the world are opening business pages, tuning into financial programs and checking in with friends and family to better understand how and why the devaluation of China’s currency has sent uncertainty through global markets and ultimately to personal financial savings. Most investors are faced with a […]
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08.24.2015 - 20 Years Is a Really Long Time — Happy Birthday Windows 95

View Seagate-Technology related news. Twenty years ago today, Microsoft released Windows 95, selling a record-setting 7 million copies in the first five weeks, and 40 million copies in the first year (Microsoft wouldn’t see such large OS sales again until Windows 7 in 2009). Twenty years doesn’t seem that long ago in some ways, but in computer years it’s […]
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08.21.2015 - Seagate’s Interns Help Feed Malnourished Children

View Seagate-Technology related news. Seagate’s summer interns working at the company’s Minnesota sites took a break from work and volunteered at a local nonprofit organization that distributes food to the hungry. More than 40 volunteers, including interns, their managers and three 2015 graduate hires, recently visited Feed My Starving Children. The volunteer team packed 82 boxes of food, or enough for 17,712 […]
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08.20.2015 - 10 Favorite Tools of a UX Professional

View Seagate-Technology related news. I’ve worked in art and UX design for a long, long time — for big tech, for startups, web companies, app companies and music companies — as a freelancer, an interactive media designer, art director, creative director, and now as LinkedIn’s Brand and Marketing design lead. It’s a fun and rewarding job, learning to anticipate customers’ wants, […]
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08.20.2015 - Where, How and Why to Deploy Flash — Dramatic Initiatives Announced at Flash Memory Summit

View Seagate-Technology related news. Dramatic product and initiative announcements The 2015 Flash Memory Summit Keynotes presented some dramatic product and initiative announcements as well as insights on how solid-state memory and storage is changing the way that companies do business, where data is stored and the way that computers are designed. Keynotes by Diablo Technologies, Kaminario, Micron, NetApp, Oracle, […]
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08.20.2015 - Seagate Teams with Toshiba, WD for Kinetic Open Storage Project

View Seagate-Technology related news. Seagate is helping to lead an effort to drive open-source standards for Kinetic hard drives. The company is joined by a group of leading industry players that include storage competitors Toshiba and WD, as well as Red Hat, Cisco, Dell, NetApp, Huawei and other tech powerhouses. The Linux Foundation on Monday announced a new collaborative […]
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08.19.2015 - Why Are Hard Drives Built Differently — and Does It Matter?

View Seagate-Technology related news. A minivan and a Bugatti Veyron are both just cars, right? Would you drive a minivan around the race track? Doesn’t quite sound like the most thrilling experience, does it? A formula race car around a race track — now that sounds like a thrill! Much like a car, choosing the right hard drive for your […]
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08.19.2015 - Dissecting Redfish

View Seagate-Technology related news. With the announcement of Seagate’s support for the Redfish 1.0 release, there has been much interest in understanding how this new API standard improves customer and partner ability to programmatically manage Seagate systems. Let’s dive into the standard by first exploring its object model: For a better understanding of how these collections might be realized […]
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08.18.2015 - Seagate Awarded “Channel Partner Program of the Year”

View Seagate-Technology related news. Storage Magazine has honored Seagate with its award for “Channel Partner Program of the Year.” Now in its 12th year, the Storage Awards recognize and reward the industry’s outstanding products, services and people. Last year, more than 50,000 votes were cast by readers. The Partner Program category saw Seagate compete with previous winners Tarmin and NetApp, as well as a […]
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08.17.2015 - Redfish slipstreams IPMI with 1.0 release

View Seagate-Technology related news. Last week, we were delighted to herald the release of the Redfish 1.0 specification and highlight Seagate’s support of this emerging systems management API standard. For those unfamiliar with this newly minted, industry API specification, Redfish is a standard for data center and systems management that delivers improved performance, functionality, scalability and security. Designed to meet […]
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08.13.2015 - Recommended Books List: Leadership, Management and Business Advice

View Seagate-Technology related news. I believe that learning through reading is as important as formal training and on-the-job experiences for self-development. There are a lot of great business, history and biographies out there that can help people grow. I started a habit back in the early 90’s of keeping a list of every book I read. These are pulled […]
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08.13.2015 - FMS2015 Keynote: Seagate’s Phil Brace Addresses Industry Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

View Seagate-Technology related news. Presenting to a packed ballroom at the 10th anniversary of the Flash Memory Summit, Phil Brace, president of Seagate’s Cloud Systems and Electronics Solutions identified key trends shaping the storage industry, today: Data is getting bigger and demand is growing at exponential rates Where users are locating data is shifting dramatically to the cloud Increasingly, […]
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08.12.2015 - LaCie Rugged Drive Celebrates a Decade of Durability

View Seagate-Technology related news. LaCie, Seagate’s premium storage brand, marks the 10th anniversary of its Rugged™ hard drive today with a series of original design sketches and stories from acclaimed industrial designer Neil Poulton, along with a video retrospective of the portable drive’s history, as well as a photo contest for its many fans. The Rugged drive—a sturdy steel […]
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08.12.2015 - (Video) The Ability to Watch 8 Hours of DVD Content in 1 Second? Seagate Says Yes.

View Seagate-Technology related news. From our booth at the Flash Memory Summit, Seagate’s Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Kent Smith walks us through key product demonstrations - namely our new 1200.2 SAS SSD, the first product to result from a strategic alliance between Seagate and Micron Technology as well as the new Nytro XF1440 2.5”, Nytro XM1440 M.2 non-volatile […]
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08.12.2015 - The Very Personal Reasons People Upgrade (or: Why the PC Isn’t Dead)

View Seagate-Technology related news.   Putting the “Personal” back into consideration of PCs and storage Watching and charting the storage industry, with tons of spreadsheets and metrics on the screen, can obscure some of the nuances of how people choose the storage they do. One can get sucked into competing narratives about new technologies and how EVERYONE will want/need […]
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08.11.2015 - Tools You Can Use: New Guide for Surveillance System Builders

View Seagate-Technology related news. Are you a System Integrator entering or considering the growing market for security and surveillance systems? If you’re a member of our Seagate Partner Program (or want to join), you can use our new Surveillance Partner Guide and “Top 7 Video Surveillance Trends” report to take full advantage of your growing surveillance sales opportunities. It’s […]
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08.11.2015 - Seagate: Live from the Floor of FMS 2015

View Seagate-Technology related news. It’s a busy Flash Memory Summit for Seagate so without further ado let’s get to our itinerary: New Seagate Product Announcements… New SAS Solid State Drive First Product From Seagate Micron Alliance Seagate Expands Flash Portfolio With New Nytro Flash Products From Seagate’s Booth #505… New flash storage innovations Live demos of the new Seagate […]
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