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10.27.2015 - How His Data Survived a Massive Everest Avalanche

View Seagate-Technology related news. The footage I was getting was stunning — then, the avalanche Documentary filmmaker Michael Churton was at a base camp on Mount Everest on April 25 when a 7.8-magnitude earthquake triggered a massive avalanche that would kill 19 climbers and injure scores more. Churton, who packed a number of 500GB LaCie Rugged™ Thunderbolt™ SSD drives […]
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10.23.2015 - Cirrus DCS and Seagate Nytro Cards Tackle the Performance Conundrum

View Seagate-Technology related news. Every Database Administrator (DBA) faces the challenge of degrading system performance as their SANs struggle to keep up with the demands of their enterprise application Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Such performance degradations might be temporary in nature, but they can also occur multiple times every month, week or even day—especially in mixed workload environments. Unfortunately, […]
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10.22.2015 - Got Gigabytes? How to Get More.

View Seagate-Technology related news. Who wants a bigger hard drive? In a way, this is why everyone needs higher-capacity hard drives: On the left, we have a VGA resolution (640 x 480) image, typical of what might have been captured with one of the first camera phones back in 2005. Here we are, 10 years later, and phones often […]
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10.21.2015 - How to Keep Your Hard Drive Alive

View Seagate-Technology related news. Are you afraid of a computer crash? Among the many people who’ve faced some kind of data loss from a computer (over half of people eventually will), or among folks who’ve heard horror stories from friends whose hard drive failed and they hadn’t backed up their data, there’s one fear that often creeps to the surface in our conversations: hard […]
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10.20.2015 - Imagine Losing All Your Data — Now Imagine Saving It

View Seagate-Technology related news. Imagine losing all your data Your photos, documents, music and movies — your entire digital footprint, gone in an instant. More than half of all consumers have faced data loss at one time or another. But only 17% of consumers regularly back up their data. Think it can’t happen to you? Accidents happen. Screens get cracked, […]
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10.20.2015 - Seagate Nytro Flash Accelerators Earn Dell Technical Partner Program Certification

View Seagate-Technology related news. Where can we find peace of mind? Isn’t it nice when you know that “it’s just going to work”? And, if you do happen to run into a challenge down the road, wouldn’t it be great to have a single line of support for the entire solution? This is the kind of peace of mind we’d […]
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10.19.2015 - Internet of Things: Growth Drivers, Challenges and Impacts on Storage Architecture

View Seagate-Technology related news.       How will businesses manage the IoT opportunity? What’s driving the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT)? What are the current challenges in implementing IoT? And how does this phenomenon impact storage? We’ve considered the IoT in different ways on these pages, from how it can impact daily life, to the role the cloud plays […]
Full View / NID: 56479 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

10.15.2015 - Seagate partners with CyArk to preserve cultural heritage sites one byte at a time

View Seagate-Technology related news. The Louvre has perfected the art of protecting the Mona Lisa. The British Museum safeguards mummies that have been entombed for thousands of years. But what about Mount Rushmore, or Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Jerash in Jordan? Heritage sites are a signi­cant part of humanity’s collective memory, and we are losing them at an […]
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10.14.2015 - Seagate and Team Empire Cheer Gamers with New Gear at IgroMir Gaming Show

View Seagate-Technology related news. Did you catch Seagate at IgroMir Expo this month? If not let me catch you up: We connected with fans and partners, gave away Team Empire T-shirts, provided fans a bunch of Xboxes to play the latest games, gave out some discount promo codes for Seagate Solid State Hybrid Drives and Game Drive and also […]
Full View / NID: 56426 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

10.13.2015 - Luczo Among Top 10 Best-Performing CEOs, Says Harvard Business Review

View Seagate-Technology related news. Best-Performing CEOs in the World Seagate CEO Steve Luczo is among the world’s 10 best-performing business leaders, says the Harvard Business Review. HBR places Seagate’s boss at No. 6 on its list of the 100 “Best-Performing CEOs in the World.” “This is a great honor, one that I share with the entire Seagate team,” said […]
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10.12.2015 - Red Hat Ceph Storage, Supermicro and Seagate Release New Reference Architecture

View Seagate-Technology related news.   Open source, software-defined reference architecture for storage clusters Red Hat, Supermicro and Seagate in August released a new reference architecture for Ceph Storage clusters based on Supermicro servers. The publication covers configuration guidelines and benchmark results for these systems, promising to help enterprises manage ever-growing diversity in increasingly varied cloud storage workload environments. The open source, […]
Full View / NID: 56378 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

10.08.2015 - How to Rescue Long-Lost Photos — the Rescued Film Project

View Seagate-Technology related news. Seagate Helps Online Project Rescue Long-Lost Photos The Rescued Film Project develops film rolls from the 1930s through the 1990s. Network-attached storage technology from Seagate is helping to bring new life to thousands of never-before-seen images from the past. The Rescued Film Project, which obtains and develops unclaimed film rolls from the 1930s through the […]
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10.07.2015 - How to Save Your Data After a Hurricane

View Seagate-Technology related news. What to do, after your heart sinks, to save your data Mother Nature tends takes no mercy on our technological world. If your digital life has been consumed by nature’s wrath, there are steps you can take to safeguard against data loss. Hurricane Joaquin last week contributed to unprecedented rains and deep flooding across much of the […]
Full View / NID: 56350 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

10.06.2015 - Forbes Interviews Seagate CIO about IT Changes, Data Security and More

View Seagate-Technology related news. Forbes magazine recently interviewed Seagate Chief Information Officer Mark Brewer, one of the longest-tenured CIOs in the U.S. In a wide-ranging conversation with Forbes contributor Peter High, Brewer looked back at how the storage industry and the IT landscape have changed since he joined Seagate 18 years ago. He also looked ahead, discussing Seagate’s move […]
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10.05.2015 - Creating Highly Dense, Solid Performing Storage Infrastructures

View Seagate-Technology related news. With the advent of platforms such as software-defined service (SDS), Web cloud, and high-performance computing (HPC), storage demands are becoming ever more dynamic and challenging. These storage environments not only require increased density and performance, but they also must be deployed inexpensively. When storing petabytes of information, for example, reducing costs by pennies per gigabyte […]
Full View / NID: 56268 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

10.02.2015 - Video: Choose the Right Drive for the Right Workload

View Seagate-Technology related news. All storage is the same, right? Wrong! Some folks misuse storage, thinking all hard drives are the same. But when it comes to specialized applications, Seagate goes the extra mile to ensure your drive will perform with tough loads for the long haul — when you choose the right drive for your workload. Every hard drive, […]
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09.30.2015 - Why Video Surveillance is More Than a Security Tool

View Seagate-Technology related news. Note: Sofocles Socratous, VP of EMEA sales and marketing for Seagate, wrote this guest column on storage for the surveillance market last week for Security News Desk, a news and product-information portal for the security industry. Market researcher Trendfocus estimates that hard drive manufacturers will ship approximately 20 million surveillance drives in 2019, up from […]
Full View / NID: 56226 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

09.29.2015 - A Wireless Router with 6TB Storage?

View Seagate-Technology related news. What if your Wi-Fi router at home could have a 6TB hard drive from Seagate on board? Imagine how that might make it easy to download, copy, keep and access all the stuff your family shares throughout the house! Of course, our Seagate Personal Cloud already offers a super sweet way to keep, store, backup and share your […]
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09.28.2015 - 4 Million Facebook Likes Every Minute? — Tip of the Iceberg

View Seagate-Technology related news. One Minute In a Data-Intensive World Brian Solis posted this at-first-glance boring but actually oddly compelling graphic to Twitter. Whether you’d like to measure your minutes in social media actions, or not, it is fascinating to see just how many human actions now are prompted by, and contribute to, the enormous, continuous flow of data […]
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09.24.2015 - Seagate’s Surveillance HDD Nabs Third Industry Award

View Seagate-Technology related news. Our Surveillance HDD continues its winning ways. For the third time in the last five months, the drive has won a top industry award—this time from Security Products magazine. Seagate’s drive recently received a “New Product of the Year” award in the magazine’s Video Surveillance Data Storage category. The magazine’s awards program honors outstanding product-development […]
Full View / NID: 56094 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron
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