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03.16.2005 - File Flash Temporarily Down...

View Alert related news. It appears that web site File Flash is currently on the blink. We wish them a speedy recovery and hopefully zero data loss.
Full View / NID: 5912 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.25.2005 - Dell sued for bait and switch

View Alert related news. NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Dell Inc. is being sued for allegedly pushing consumers into high-interest financing schemes, as well as other aggressive sales practices, the plaintiff's law firm said Tuesday.
Full View / NID: 5656 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.19.2004 - Apple recalling certain 15-inch PowerBook G4 Batteries

View Alert related news. In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other international safety authorities, Apple is voluntarily recalling certain lithium ion rechargeable batteries that were sold worldwide from January 2004 through August 2004 for use with 15-inch PowerBook G4 (Aluminum) notebook computers. These batteries were manufactured by LG Chem, Ltd. of South Korea.
Full View / NID: 3704 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

06.25.2004 - Intel Recalling Flawed New Chips

View Alert related news. SAN JOSE, Calif. - Less than a week after the launch, Intel Corp. said Friday it's recalling some of its latest chip sets after the discovery of a manufacturing flaw that could cause computers to crash or fail to boot.
Full View / NID: 3213 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

06.25.2004 - HP says as many as 900,000 notebooks buggy

View Alert related news. Hewlett-Packard has discovered a memory flaw that could be in as many as 900,000 of its notebook computers and is offering customers free memory modules as a remedy.
Full View / NID: 3212 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

05.05.2004 - Update: Mandatory firmware upgrade for 40GB, 60GB and 80GB hard disk drives - ThinkPad R50, R50p, T41, T41p

View Alert related news. This is a Mandatory hard disk drive (HDD) firmware update. This update will fix early reliability issues in some drives.
Full View / NID: 2902 / Submitted by: Anthony

02.12.2004 - 'Do Not E-Mail' Site a Scam, U.S. Officials Say

View Alert related news. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Consumers should not submit their e-mail addresses to a Web site that promises to reduce unwanted "spam" because it is fraudulent, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said on Thursday.
Full View / NID: 2262 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

01.23.2004 - OCZ Ultra 2 thermal compound Recall

View Alert related news. OCZ does not manufacture Ultra 2 thermal compound in house, it is provided by a foreign manufacturer with our specifications. Previous independent lab tests conducted at the request of OCZ have shown that the silver compound content in Ultra 2 is 25% by volume and 70% by weight.
Full View / NID: 2135 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.30.2003 - IBM monitor recall expanded

View Alert related news. The updated recall notice, posted Thursday on IBM's Web site and that of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, expands the recall to cover monitors made between June 1997 and September 1998. The expanded recall covers a total of 235,000 monitors worldwide, with 119,000 in the United States. The number of recalled units represents roughly a third of the 685,000 units produced throughout the monitors' lifecycle of June 1997 to April 1999.
Full View / NID: 1186 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

07.17.2003 - Flaw Found In Cisco IOS Devices running IPv4

View Alert related news. Cisco routers and switches running Cisco IOS® software and configured to process Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) packets are vulnerable to a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. A rare sequence of crafted IPv4 packets sent directly to the device may cause the input interface to stop processing traffic once the input queue is full. No authentication is required to process the inbound packet. Processing of IPv4 packets is enabled by default. Devices running only IP version 6 (IPv6) are not affected. A workaround is available.
Full View / NID: 1026 / Submitted by: Travis

03.05.2003 - Anyone using FileMaker Pro Please Read

View Alert related news. Typing specific phrases into Internet search tools may leads a user directly to pages which display YOUR FileMaker databases making possibly sensitive information accessible online.
Full View / NID: 562 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

01.25.2003 - Is the Internet in trouble?

View Alert related news. The following sites are MIA from this end of the globe: Internet Traffic Report, Elaborate Bytes, Geek Newz, ActiveWin, NeoWin, The Inquirer, Warp2Search, Beta News No-IP, DotProject, OSBetas, Elaborate Bytes, SoftwareCraze, JCS Software. The following were slow or having intermittent problems: The Digerati, Band Width Place, ET Planet. Anyone out there able to get to them?
Full View / NID: 499 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

01.18.2003 - APC recalls 2.1 Million UPS Units

View Alert related news. The recall is limited to the Back-UPS CS 350 and the Back-UPS CS 500, in both 120-volt and 230-volt models, manufactured between November 2000 and December 2002.
Full View / NID: 481 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

11.01.2002 - Popular Linksys Router Vulnerable to Attack

View Alert related news. A denial-of-service vulnerability in one of the most popular cable and DSL routers allows an attacker to crash the router from a remote location.
Full View / NID: 335 / Submitted by: TheComputerDoc

10.09.2002 - Shattered: This CD's in Tatters?

View Alert related news. High-speed drives increase the chances that a defective CD will explode. If you hear an intense vibrating noise or a bang from your superfast 48X CD-ROM or CD-RW drive, beware: Your disc may be shattering.
Full View / NID: 283 / Submitted by: TheComputerDoc

09.22.2002 - Pioneer DVD drives too hot to handle

View Alert related news. Pioneer DVD-RW drives are overheat when recording on certain high-speed media. New software has been released to manage the hardware...
Full View / NID: 229 / Submitted by: TheComputerDoc

05.28.2002 - Disturbing email message received

View Alert related news. Today, I recieved a disturbing email message. The email header was faked to appear as if the email was from The subject was W32.Klez.E removal tools. The attached file was the Klez virus. Norton AntiVirus 2002 did prevent infection of my computer.
Full View / NID: 125 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

04.03.2002 - Longwell Electronics recalls AC power cords for HP Printer

View Alert related news. Longwell Electronics is recalling AC power cords shipped with certain inkjet printers manufactured by Hewlett-Packard Company, April 2001 through January 2002. The plug that connects the power cord to the printer may crack, exposing live electrical contacts and presenting a hazard for electric shock or electrocution. Affected cords have the name "Longwell" molded or printed between the prongs of the plug.
Full View / NID: 100 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.11.2002 - AOL doesn't support v.92 modems

View Alert related news. Well another strike against American Online (AOL). It seems that v.92 modems are not supported by AOL. These modems may be randomly detected during the launch of AOL. The only solution give by their technical support is to replace the modem with a different (non v.92) modem.
Full View / NID: 85 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team
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