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10.11.2004 - DevSource Adds Recurring Revenues With NovaStor Online Backup Solution

View NovaStor related news. SIMI VALLEY, October 11, 2004 - After considering developing its own online data backup application, technical services provider DevSource LLC instead used technology from NovaStor Corp. to deliver its new eStronghold service and rapidly gain recurring revenues, greater account control and a compelling sales proposition. The NovaNet-WEB™ solution for online data backup services let DevSource bring eStronghold to market quickly and realize return on its initial investment within months by appealing to new and existing small business customers.
Full View / NID: 4227 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.20.2004 - NovaStor Professional Services Speed Rollout of Online Backup Services for Value Added Resellers and Service Providers

View NovaStor related news. SIMI VALLEY, September 20, 2004 - With demand for online data backup services growing at an unprecedented rate, NovaStor Corp. has established a Professional Services Program to help Value Added Resellers (VARs) and service providers launch and support services and speed time to revenue. The program, in conjunction with the recently announced NovaStor Valued Partner (NVP) program, assists resellers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide a complete online backup solution from design and deployment through ongoing administration and management.
Full View / NID: 4225 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.16.2004 - IST Adds Recurring Revenues Using NovaStor Online Backup Solution

View NovaStor related news. SIMI VALLEY, September 16, 2004 - Using extra server space, an existing high-speed broadband connection and data backup software from NovaStor Corporation, IST Computers has expanded its business model from performing comprehensive systems integration to providing an online data backup service generating recurring revenues. Within months, the company realized return on its initial investment in launching IST Backup, generated new leads and enjoyed an uptake in its traditional business as relationships with small business customers deepened.
Full View / NID: 4226 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.16.2004 - NovaStor & Partners Support Communities in the Path of Hurricanes With Online Data Backup Services & Donations to Victims

View NovaStor related news. SIMI VALLEY, September 16, 2004 - With a barrage of hurricanes pounding the southeast, NovaStor Corporation and its service provider partners of online data backup services are offering to help systems integrators and resellers scrambling to protect their small business customers and home users safeguard their irreplaceable data offsite and out of harm's way. Several VARs and ISPs providing backup service based on the NovaNet-WEB™ online solution are reaching out to communities in the path of fury and donating a percentage of new subscriber proceeds to help hurricane victims.
Full View / NID: 3988 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.16.2004 - NovaStor Launches Partner Program to Propel Online Backup Market

View NovaStor related news. SIMI VALLEY, Calif., August 16, 2004 - NovaStor Corporation is launching a channel partner program to help value-added resellers (VARs) and service providers (xSPs) profit from fast-growing demand for online data backup. Along with an early lead in the backup service market, becoming a NovaStor Valued Partner (NVP) arms channel affiliates reselling NovaStor's comprehensive suite of software with sales, marketing and technical support based on sales volumes. NovaStor will define a Professional Services Program helping VARs and xSPs speed return on investment.
Full View / NID: 3809 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

07.27.2004 - NovaStor's NovaBACKUP Selected for Bundle with Sony Professional Disc for Data Solution Products

View NovaStor related news. SIMI VALLEY, Calif., July 27, 2004 - NovaStor Corporation today announced that its NovaBACKUP software is shipping with Sony's blue laser-based Professional Disc for DATAÔ (ProDATA) solution kits.
Full View / NID: 3808 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

07.14.2004 - NovaStor's NovaNET 9 Enterprise Backup System Supports High Performance Disk-Based Backup of Oracle Database Servers

View NovaStor related news. SIMI VALLEY, Calif., July 14, 2004 - NovaStor Corporation, a provider of enterprise solutions for small businesses, today announced the release of NovaNET 9 with support for Oracle Database servers. NovaNET 9 supports Oracle 8i and 9i Databases on Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1 and SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 8. NovaNET 9 provides users of Oracle databases a cost effective, high performance solution for complete 24x7 data protection with both tape and disk-based backup.
Full View / NID: 3807 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

05.19.2004 - NovaStor Expands and Deepens Management Team

View NovaStor related news. SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - May 19, 2004 - NovaStor Corporation, developers of data backup and recovery software, today announced appointments of two industry veterans that will enhance the company’s management and marketing operations. Shaun Walsh has been appointed to the newly-created position of chief operating officer. He will oversee the company’s sales, marketing, engineering, support operations. Marketing executive Kelly Williams has been chosen for the new post of director of corporate communications, reporting to Walsh.
Full View / NID: 3806 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

04.14.2004 - NovaStor Showcases NovaNET-WEB Online Backup Software at ISPCON

View NovaStor related news. WASHINGTON - April 14, 2004 - NovaStor Corporation, a global provider of backup and disaster recovery solutions, today demonstrated how its flagship NovaNET-WEB online backup software can help increase Internet Service Providers' subscriber market share.
Full View / NID: 3805 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

04.08.2004 - Bill Ferguson, NovaStor VP Marketing, to Speak at ISPCON

View NovaStor related news. SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - April 4, 2004 - In the context of this competitive environment, the ISP must search out new services that can grow their revenues and give the opportunity for a rapid ROI. One such service opportunity is remote backup service for the 200+ million USA subscribers alone. The market demand factors to drive subscribers to such a service are ever present: new government regulations, industry reports showing over 90 percent of desktops and laptops are not backed up, and 60 percent contain sensitive business data. Data backup has to be a subscriber priority, but selling the service takes the right approach in order to be successful. ISPs must plan and operate this premium service carefully in order to generate new revenues, attract new customers and deliver on the promises made during the sales process. Ferguson will explore the various opportunities, user characteristics required to provide decision support and sell the service, highlight options to help the ISP structure an assessment process and successfully promote and supply these remote data backup services to current subscribers.
Full View / NID: 3804 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.17.2004 - NovaStor Helps e-Backups Create New Profit Center for ISPs and VARs with Off-Site Backup Service

View NovaStor related news. SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - Feb. 17, 2004 - NovaStor Corporation today announced that its NovaNet-WEB online backup software has been selected by e-Backups of St. Louis as the core component of its Business Alliance Program, a service that enables ISPs, solution providers and other suppliers to efficiently enter into the off-site backup and disaster recovery marketplace and offer a premium service without the capital investment other solutions require.
Full View / NID: 3803 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

01.17.2004 - NovaStor: NovaBACKUP 7.1

View NovaStor related news. NovaDISK has an entirely new look and a new name to match, NovaBACKUP 7.1 Professional Edition - for Disk, CD-RW & DVD and NovaBACKUP 7.1 Server Edition - for Disk, CD-RW & DVD. It has been re-done from the ground up, with all the input we've gotten through the years on what you, our customers, have wanted in a quality backup and restore software management program. If you use or have tried NovaDISK in the past, you MUST get a look at our latest release!
Full View / NID: 2088 / Submitted by: Travis

01.15.2004 - NovaStor's NovaBACKUP Upgrade First to Offer Maximum Data Protection for all Storage Media

View NovaStor related news. Simi Valley, Ca. — January 15, 2004 — NovaStor Corporation, a global provider of backup and disaster recovery solutions, today announced it is shipping version 7.1 of its flagship NovaBACKUP for desktops, laptops, servers, and small networks. The newest upgrade is the first to offer ultra-fast backup for all CDs, DVDs, tapes and hard disks-plus local and network servers-in a single package.
Full View / NID: 3802 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

12.18.2003 - NovaStor Launches Aggressive NovaNET-WEB Marketing Campaign Targeted at ISPs and xSPs

View NovaStor related news. Simi Valley, Ca. — December 18, 2003 — NovaStor Corporation, a global provider of backup and disaster recovery solutions, today launched an aggressive marketing campaign targeting Service Providers with a partnership initiative that enables providers to offer premium services to their subscribers using NovaNet-WEB online backup software.
Full View / NID: 3801 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

11.24.2003 - NovaStor: David Katz Named as Vice President of Customer Relations

View NovaStor related news. Simi Valley, Ca. — November 24, 2003 — NovaStor Corporation, a global provider of backup and disaster recovery solutions, has appointed industry veteran David J. Katz II to the newly created position of vice president of customer relations.
Full View / NID: 1775 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

08.15.2003 - NovaStor: Open File Manager v9.0

View NovaStor related news. NovaStor's new Open File Manager 9.0 works in conjunction with NovaNET or NovaNET-WEB to capture open files, even if they are changing during a backup. Open File Manager synchronizes the data at a point in time when it is stable across the entire file system, guaranteeing a coherent backup while maintaining the relational integrity among groups of related files, even if they are located across different volumes. With Open File Manager, there is no need to close applications or lock out users during a backup. Run your backups at anytime with no interruption to anyone. Seamless and comprehensive protection for all your data.
Full View / NID: 1140 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.04.2003 - NovaStor: NovaNET Backup

View NovaStor related news. NovaNET Backup offers a complete solution for protecting all your critical information in any enterprise network environment. NovaNET Backup is a low cost solution addressing the storage needs for large and small networks. NovaNET's Distributed Architecture with intelligent storage management provides superior performance, unparalleled scalability and total reliability.
Full View / NID: 1092 / Submitted by: Travis

06.26.2003 - NovaStor: Virtual Tape 1.0

View NovaStor related news. Virtual Tape combines the performance and affordability of disk based backups and restores with the benefits of tape backup management and the power of virtualized tape libraries and autoloaders. Increased scalable performance allows you to significantly decrease the "backup window" and complete your critical backups on time. For tape backup and long term removable off-site storage, your disk images can be easily migrated to tape, utilizing the built-in data migration functionality and working in the background to avoid network bottlenecks. Let NovaNET and Virtual Tape keep track of your data, so you don't have to! Supports: Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT.
Full View / NID: 911 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

06.26.2003 - NovaStor: NovaXchange 3.1

View NovaStor related news. NovaXchange includes powerful tape handling and data management software utilities for Windows 98se/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 platforms, with the ability to transfer and manage all types of data and all kinds of SCSI tape drives between operating systems and different architectures. NovaXchange reads and writes various formats including Fixed Length, IBM or ANSI variable length and even undefined tape record formats. NovaXchange also reads and writes IBM or ANSI Labeled or Unlabeled tapes, translates EBCDIC to ASCII and ASCII to EBCDIC. With NovaXchange, there are few, if any limits for users to manipulate and interchange their data. Supports: Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98se.
Full View / NID: 910 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

06.26.2003 - NovaStor: TapeCopy 2.1

View NovaStor related news. TapeCopy allows you to quickly move existing data from one tape format to another. It can duplicate any tape with any SCSI or EIDE tape technology, image the tape to a disk file and new TapeCopy v2.1 will even work with Firewire and USB tape drives! TapeCopy functions with one or more tape drives for easy data migration and duplication, making it quick and easy to keep up with the latest technologies. The Library Edition gives you even more power, with the ability to utilize autoloaders and tape libraries. Supports: Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT, 98se.
Full View / NID: 909 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team
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