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12.09.2008 - Industry and Security News - The Push for Data Encryption

View Lavasoft-Press related news. 33 million records. That’s the amount of records on consumers that have been exposed so far in 2008, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, which tracks breaches reported by U.S. organizations. And that count may only be the tip of the iceberg; without a federal requirement for organizations to quantify the amount of consumers affected [...]
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12.08.2008 - Beta Testing - Beta 3 - Now Available

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Calling all beta testers - the third stage of our Beta testing process is now underway! With Beta 1 and 2, we focused initially on testing the scanning process, then on real-time protection. Beta 3 is designed to test additional functionality of the real-time protection - including registry and network protection - as well as the [...]
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12.08.2008 - Everyday Life at Lavasoft - Looking Forward

View Lavasoft-Press related news.
Full View / NID: 25809 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

12.05.2008 - Security Alerts - New Rogue - AntivirusTrigger

View Lavasoft-Press related news. AntivirusTrigger is a new rogue anti-spyware application and a clone of VirusTrigger. It will give exaggerated threat reports on the compromised computer then ask the user to purchase a registered version to remove the reported threats. AntivirusTrigger will add the following files, folders and registry keys to the system: Files: %ProgramFiles\AnvTrgrsoftware\AnvTrgr.exe %ProgramFiles\AnvTrgrsoftware\uninst.exe %ProgramFiles\AnvTrgrsoftware\AnvTrgrWarning.dll %UserProfile\Desktop\AntivirusTrigger 2.1.lnk %UserProfile\Start Menu\AntivirusTrigger 2.1.lnk %UserProfile\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\AntivirusTrigger 2.1.lnk Folders: %ProgramFiles\AnvTrgrsoftware %UserProfile\Start [...]
Full View / NID: 25815 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

12.04.2008 - Riff Raff - Man of Movember Crowned

View Lavasoft-Press related news. There has been an abundance of facial hair at Lavasoft this past month, as our first ever Movember made its mark. All throughout November, our Mo Bros have been growing their mustaches (some with better results than others…) and raising about 4,000 SEK for cancer research. All funds raised at Lavasoft will be donated to Thank you [...]
Full View / NID: 25749 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

12.03.2008 - Security Alerts - Scam Alert: UPS Delivery Failure

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Have you made any recent purchases to be delivered by the postal service? With the holiday season upon us, chances are good that you have. If so, there’s a common spam scam that may try to catch you off guard in order to infect your system with malware. Here’s an example of a subject line and e-mail [...]
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12.01.2008 - Everyday Life at Lavasoft - Dessert

View Lavasoft-Press related news.
Full View / NID: 25670 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

12.01.2008 - Security Tips - Cyber Monday

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Since it’s Cyber Monday, the unofficial start of the online holiday shopping season, we’d like to take a few minutes to give all of you online shoppers some important security news you should know as you scour the Web for the best deals today. As the shopping season sets into high gear, so will the cyber [...]
Full View / NID: 25664 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.26.2008 - Researcher Comments - Cyber Thieves Don’t Rely on Santa…

View Lavasoft-Press related news. …they snatch their “presents” from gullible computer users! As the holidays are quickly approaching, many people around the world plan to do some serious shopping for Christmas presents. Unfortunately, this time of year also means a peak in cyber crime activity. In shopping malls - and other crowded places - thieves are lurking around, waiting to get their [...]
Full View / NID: 25638 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.25.2008 - Industry and Security News - Live OneCare and Morro

View Lavasoft-Press related news. You’ve probably heard the news on Microsoft’s plan to discontinue its Windows Live OneCare and roll out “Morro”, a free anti-malware application. How do we, in the Lavasoft Research Team, feel about it? From an ‘Internet security guy’ point of view, anything that encourages users to install, update and run a security application is a huge [...]
Full View / NID: 25583 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.24.2008 - Beta Testing - Beta 2: Released

View Lavasoft-Press related news. It’s time for the second stage of the Beta process - Beta 2 is now available. With our first incremental Beta release, the focus was primarily on the scanning process. We’re now ready to shift the focus to the real-time protection feature, including process protection, and the tray app. To download Beta 2, please log [...]
Full View / NID: 25552 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.21.2008 - Everyday Life at Lavasoft - Lose Controller

View Lavasoft-Press related news.
Full View / NID: 25507 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.21.2008 - Lavasoft Products - Incremental Updates

View Lavasoft-Press related news. As the volume of malware increases, the more signatures we add into Ad-Aware’s Detection Database. Naturally, with the huge increase in bad stuff out there, the size of definition files will increase in line with the amount of malware detections we add. The only problem with a big signature database is its size. The bigger the [...]
Full View / NID: 25502 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.18.2008 - Beta Testing - A Word from Our Testers

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Spotted among the first impressions of the Ad-Aware Beta in our dedicated Beta Forum: “Very nice!” “…I really like how it tells more about a detected object after a scan.” “I love the new interface…” “Wonderful…Far more aesthetically pleasing than prior versions…Was surprisingly fast..” Want to help us put the Ad-Aware Beta to the test? Find out the details. On [...]
Full View / NID: 25422 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.14.2008 - Everyday Life at Lavasoft - Web in Black

View Lavasoft-Press related news.
Full View / NID: 25435 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.14.2008 - Uncategorized - Web in Black

View Lavasoft-Press related news.
Full View / NID: 25362 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.13.2008 - Security Tips - Phishing 101

View Lavasoft-Press related news. These days, most of us are familiar with the term “phishing.” But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to tell when a scam lands in your inbox. Research shows that, while the methods used have not drastically changed, phishing scams are growing increasingly sophisticated. For those of us who may need to brush up on our phishing [...]
Full View / NID: 25329 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.10.2008 - Lavasoft Products - Ad-Aware Beta - Released!

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Our first beta for the new version of Ad-Aware is now available! Be among the first to test the more powerful and efficient Ad-Aware. We’re counting on you to give us your feedback, iron out the kinks, and help us to create the best product possible. What can you expect from the Beta? As many of [...]
Full View / NID: 25250 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.07.2008 - Everyday Life at Lavasoft - Movember?

View Lavasoft-Press related news.
Full View / NID: 25219 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

11.06.2008 - Security Tips - Beat Rogues: 6 Simple Steps

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Rogue software on the web is rising at record rates. Judging from the “Ballot Box” poll on our homepage, where a clear majority of respondents admit being the victim of rogue security and anti-malware software, it’s growing increasingly difficult for consumers to tell the difference between legitimate and rogue software. On that note, here are 6 [...]
Full View / NID: 25202 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron
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