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02.06.2009 - Lavasoft Products - Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition – In Your Words

View Lavasoft-Press related news. We’re happy to announce that reviewers around the world are taking notice of the new, lighter, faster version of Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition. But more importantly, we’re getting great feedback from our users. Here are a few examples of what people from around the globe are saying: “I would like to let you know that the Anniversary [...]
Full View / NID: 26851 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

02.05.2009 - Security Alerts - New rogue: Antispyware3000

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Antispyware3000 is a typical rogue. It shows a lot of false positives for files that do not even exist on the drive.  However, for some reason, their full scan does not show these hits. Looking closer at the interface, it is clear that this is a clone of the already known rogue Antivirus XP Pro. Proof [...]
Full View / NID: 26834 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

02.03.2009 - Industry and Security News - Waledac Questions Answered

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Waledac, a new threat currently being seen, is believed by many researchers to be the replacement for the notorious Storm Worm; similarities have been noted in both its technique and behavior. As Lavasoft researchers have reported, you may have seen Waledac’s work first hand through an assortment of spammed messages (holiday greeting cards, messages exploiting [...]
Full View / NID: 26795 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

01.29.2009 - Industry and Security News - Data and Your Privacy

View Lavasoft-Press related news. From what we now know, 2008 was a record year for data breaches. And, from what we’ve seen so far in 2009 - with news of the extensive Heartland breach and more compromised data on - the outlook for this year does not look promising. Adding to that, a recent survey, published in conjunction with [...]
Full View / NID: 26711 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

01.28.2009 - Security Alerts - XP Police Antivirus

View Lavasoft-Press related news. XP Police Antivirus is a new rogue anti-spyware application. It will give exaggerated threat reports on the compromised computer then ask the user to purchase a registered version to remove threats which don’t exist. XPPoliceAntivirus installs the following files, folders and registry entries: FileHashEntries xp-policy.exe xppolice.exe Additional Files %Desktop%XP Police Antivirus.lnk %StartMenu%XP Police Antivirus.lnk FolderEntries %ProgramFiles%XPPoliceAntivirus RegistryEntries Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\XP Police Antivirus Value: Data: Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Value: PoliceAV Data: C:\Program Files\XPPoliceAntivirus\xppolice.exe
Full View / NID: 26692 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

01.27.2009 - Security Alerts - Valentine’s Day Worm

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Win32.Worm.Waledac spreads itself using Valentine’s Day “advertising” as the distribution method. It can be found on a website full of hearts with the text Guess, which one is for you? as picture 1 shows. This domain is constructed to entice users to click on some of the hearts. The result of a “click” will be that a [...]
Full View / NID: 26672 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

01.23.2009 - Everyday Life at Lavasoft - Clash

View Lavasoft-Press related news.
Full View / NID: 26609 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

01.20.2009 - Lavasoft Products - Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition is Here!

View Lavasoft-Press related news. We’re proud to announce: Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition - Free, Plus, and Pro versions are now available! Building on 10 years of advanced malware detection, Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition provides comprehensive malware protection without loading down your system’s resources, bringing you the core competence you need to stay safe online. Visit our Ad-Aware Free, Plus and Pro product [...]
Full View / NID: 26535 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

01.19.2009 - Researcher Comments - Potentially Unwanted Programs

View Lavasoft-Press related news. With the new version of Ad-Aware, comes a new classification: Potentially Unwanted Program, or ‘PUP’. Why classify something as a “potentially unwanted application”? This new category has been deployed to provide more information than previous versions of Ad-Aware about what has been detected on your machine and allows you make a more informed decision when [...]
Full View / NID: 26565 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

01.19.2009 - Industry and Security News - Storm Botnet News

View Lavasoft-Press related news. In case you missed this bit of security news last week, according to Heise Security - “A team of researchers from Bonn University and RWTH Aachen University have analysed the notorious Storm Worm botnet, and concluded it certainly isn’t as invulnerable as it once seemed.” Analysts attempting to traverse the Storm botnet without being detected has proven [...]
Full View / NID: 26517 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

01.12.2009 - Lavasoft Products - Top Download of 2008

View Lavasoft-Press related news. We’re pleased to announce that the folks at CHIP Online, one of Europe’s leading computer sites, has named our Ad-Aware software one of the top 10 downloads in 2008 at Thanks CHIP Online!
Full View / NID: 26386 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

01.09.2009 - Security Alerts - Malware Targets LinkedIn Users

View Lavasoft-Press related news. The business-oriented social networking site, LinkedIn, has had a recent bout with malware, as you may have seen by all of the buzz this week in the news headlines. As most of you who use them know, social networking sites, while having many advantages to users, have long been targeted by socially engineered scams - [...]
Full View / NID: 26339 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

01.08.2009 - Lavasoft Products - Coming Soon: Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Not only is January a time of new beginnings, it’s a time of celebration - for Lavasoft and for all of the PC users around the world who depend on our Ad-Aware software to safeguard their online security. This year, 2009, marks our 10 year anniversary of providing you with the power to protect your [...]
Full View / NID: 26319 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

01.02.2009 - Security Tips - New PC? Secure It!

View Lavasoft-Press related news. For all of you owners of a new computer - whether you were lucky enough to receive one as a gift under the tree or you sprang for a shiny new PC to start off the New Year - a top priority is to keep that fresh machine running efficiently, safely, and securely. How do you do that? [...]
Full View / NID: 26214 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

12.29.2008 - Industry and Security News - The Year In Malware

View Lavasoft-Press related news. It’s the time of year for sweeping summaries of the past 12 months and predictions aplenty for the next ones to come. While we may see a few too many of these analyses and list-making as we come to the close of another year, they can provide us with an interesting look at the months [...]
Full View / NID: 26162 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

12.22.2008 - Industry and Security News - FTC Shuts Down Scareware Op

View Lavasoft-Press related news. For the many who have been scammed by rogue and scareware security applications, this recent news from the U.S. FTC may come as a welcome update: “At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a U.S. district court has issued a temporary halt to a massive “scareware” scheme, which falsely claimed that scans had detected viruses, [...]
Full View / NID: 26086 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

12.17.2008 - Security Alerts - Microsoft to Release Out of Band Update

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Microsoft is releasing another “out of band” update tomorrow. This update is to fix a recently discovered zero day vulnerability in Internet Explorer 7 that is actively being exploited. More information about the vulnerability can be found at: Infomation about the out of band update can be found at: Get your updates!!
Full View / NID: 26008 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

12.17.2008 - News about Lavasoft - Introducing Live Help

View Lavasoft-Press related news. We know that your computer is a very important part of your life. We also know it can be very frustrating if your PC is not working the way you want it to. So in order to provide an additional layer of technical expertise, Lavasoft has decided to partner with SupportSpace - thereby giving you [...]
Full View / NID: 25998 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

12.15.2008 - Lavasoft Products - Introducing Lavasoft Anti-Virus Helix

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Complete Virus Protection to Safeguard & Heal We are pleased to announce the release of our new stand-alone anti-virus tool - Lavasoft Anti-Virus Helix - designed to address the rapidly changing malware landscape. Using advanced heuristic technology, it offers superior detection rates, guarding against over 1.5 million known threats, along with unknown, emerging, and rapidly changing [...]
Full View / NID: 25956 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

12.11.2008 - Security Alerts - New Rogue: Antivirus Plus

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Recently, we came across this rogue: Antivirus Plus. What makes this one different from others was that it was distributed directly as a fake video codec. They have now removed the fake alert step in between. The installer will present a normal type of installation procedure. However, the rogue software will be installed directly as the [...]
Full View / NID: 25921 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron
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