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06.18.2008 - Industry and Security News - Legislating Spyware

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Many in the security industry have called for consensus anti-spyware legislation in the U.S. to fully hold spyware distributors accountable for their actions, and to deter spyware vendors from violating consumers’ privacy. But attempts by the U.S. Congress to pass bills targeting spyware have failed, meaning an effective, federal anti-spyware law is yet to be seen. [...]
Full View / NID: 22503 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

06.16.2008 - Riff Raff - Top Dads

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Ever wonder who led the way for Wi-Fi or spearheaded the development of the computer mouse? While the official date that Father’s Day is recognized varies from country to country, Network World has decided it’s the right time to show us a few of the so-called “fathers” of technology. Take a look at its slideshow, 10 Unsung Fathers of [...]
Full View / NID: 22449 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

06.13.2008 - Everyday Life at Lavasoft - Coffee Line

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Guest writer: Michael
Full View / NID: 22411 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

06.11.2008 - Security Alerts - Don’t Be Fooled Twice

View Lavasoft-Press related news. If it looks too good to be true…it probably is. The old adage rings true with the latest e-mail scam we’re seeing, where fraudsters promise thousands in cash to compensate victims of Internet crime. The U.S. FBI has issued a warning for computer users to be aware of this refund scheme, which claims to come from [...]
Full View / NID: 22374 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

06.09.2008 - Lavasoft Products and Solutions - The Truth About Ad-Aware

View Lavasoft-Press related news. We’re proud to let you know that Ad-Aware 2008 has received a 5-star editorial review from the team at Softpedia! That means that the editors at Softpedia gave Ad-Aware the top rating in all areas critiqued - user interface, features, ease of use, and price/value. From the review:  “…beautifully drawn GUI incapable of giving a hard [...]
Full View / NID: 22314 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

06.05.2008 - Everyday Life at Lavasoft - Popular Music

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Since it is the Swedish National day tomorrow, which is a holiday, I decided to post a comic today instead. Enjoy!
Full View / NID: 22266 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

06.05.2008 - Industry and Security News - The Storm Gang At It Again

View Lavasoft-Press related news. In an attempt to bolster the number of drones in their botnet the Storm Gang has started sending out more spam email. The emails come with fancy subject lines like ” Lonely without you” and “Just you and me”. The emails contain a small blurb of text followed by a URL that leads the user to [...]
Full View / NID: 22260 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

06.03.2008 - Industry and Security News - Protecting your ID

View Lavasoft-Press related news. A full 86 percent of those surveyed in a recent industry study admit that they’re worried about “unauthorized access to or misuse of their personal information.” Are you one of them? With the variety of techniques used to get past our defenses, including old-fashioned thievery and cyber scams, it’s no wonder that ID theft and fraud continue [...]
Full View / NID: 22227 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.30.2008 - Everyday Life at Lavasoft - Illumination

View Lavasoft-Press related news.
Full View / NID: 22165 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.28.2008 - Riff Raff - The Launch Beard Challenge

View Lavasoft-Press related news. It wasn’t a contest so much as a challenge for beard growth. Inspired by the national Swedish hockey team tradition of not shaving during the playoffs leading up to the world championships, some of our guys decided a couple of weeks before launch to let the hair grow - and here are the results. They also [...]
Full View / NID: 22127 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.27.2008 - Lavasoft Products and Solutions - 5 Out of 5

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Another week …and another award for Ad-Aware! We’ve just received word from the team at Forte that, following testing and a review of users’ ratings, Ad-Aware 2007 Free has received their highest award - 5 out of 5 stars! “This means that Ad-Aware 2007 Free is highly appreciated and recommended by us to customers. We are [...]
Full View / NID: 22101 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.23.2008 - Everyday Life at Lavasoft - Synth

View Lavasoft-Press related news.
Full View / NID: 22102 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.23.2008 - Lavasoft Products and Solutions - The Origin of Skins

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Ad-Aware 2008 comes loaded with four new skins, providing you with more choices when it comes to giving your favorite anti-spyware a look and feel that suits your taste. Below you will find brief presentations of the new skins and how they came to be. Hawaii This was actually the original color scheme for Ad-Aware 2007 and [...]
Full View / NID: 22073 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.23.2008 - Uncategorized - Synth

View Lavasoft-Press related news.
Full View / NID: 22072 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.22.2008 - Lavasoft Products and Solutions - What They’re Saying

View Lavasoft-Press related news. The changes to the detection and removal engine will be noticeable to long-time Ad-Aware users, with Lavasoft touting faster scan times and better rootkit detection. CNET/ Ad-Aware 2008 looks a lot like the 2007 version of the program, but with a freshened-up interface and somewhat more intuitive controls in a few places. Most of the changes, [...]
Full View / NID: 22059 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.21.2008 - Lavasoft Products and Solutions - Ad-Aware 2008 Has Arrived!

View Lavasoft-Press related news. We’re proud to announce: Ad-Aware 2008 Free, Plus, and Pro versions are now available. While we continue to offer a full-powered anti-spyware solution that is free of charge for personal home use, with this new release, there’s more reason than ever to boost your defenses with our Plus or Pro products. Ad-Aware 2008 Plus and Pro [...]
Full View / NID: 22029 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.20.2008 - Lavasoft Products and Solutions - The Final Countdown

View Lavasoft-Press related news. We are now only 1 day away from the much anticipated release of Ad-Aware 2008! We’d like to say thank you very much to all of our beta testers around the world! Your feedback has helped us shape the final product, so we are very proud to say that Ad-Aware 2008 was built in partnership with the very [...]
Full View / NID: 21998 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.19.2008 - Industry and Security News - Zeitgeist Europe ‘08

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Our CEO, Jason King, is currently at the exclusive Google Zeitgeist Europe ‘08 conference in London where “Europe’s most forward-thinking innovators and visionaries congregate to share perspectives on trends shaping our world.” As opportunity would have it, Jason also spoke briefly on behalf of the CSIA with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who arrived at [...]
Full View / NID: 21976 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.15.2008 - Lavasoft Products and Solutions - Coming Soon: Ad-Aware 2008

View Lavasoft-Press related news. Here’s an update for our Ad-Aware users: there’s less than a week to go until the official launch of our Ad-Aware 2008 product line! Be the first to have a look at the improved features of our new Free, Plus, or Pro versions when we release on Wednesday, May 21 at 12 noon (Central European [...]
Full View / NID: 21925 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron

05.14.2008 - Lavasoft Products and Solutions - Congratulations!

View Lavasoft-Press related news. We’d like to congratulate all of the winners in the Lavasoft contest featured in PC Plus Magazine. We hope you enjoy the Privacy Toolbox! Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox will help you take full control of your digital information, with both the File Shredder and the Digital Lock in one easy-to-use application.   For those of you who are curious; [...]
Full View / NID: 21901 / Submitted by: The Spirit of Zuron
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