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What people are saying about us. (Received Feedback) (TTID #350)

Author: TACKtech Corp.   Views: 14,160 /  Created: January 1, 2004
The bootable windows XP CD article has got me out of a very frustrating hole. Well done!! Great work, clearly explained. - Ian Carson

Just wanted to say a big thanks to you for your XP/SATA Install guide. I was having lots of problems getting the SATA drivers to integrate with my XP distribution so that I could do a network install. Most guides are CD-oriented, so they seem to miss out on discussing the required changes to DOSNET.INF. I've been using your guides for many years now and I've always recognised their high quality and accuracy. Thank you! - Eric Pircher

You guys are the best! The article "Installing SATA Drivers without a Floppy Disk" was directly on point and solved my problem with "upgrading" my new Dell laptop from Vista to XP. Many thanks! - Bob Popular

I'm a Ph.D. student with very little money and a young son from a disastrous ex-marriage. I'm setting up a Win98 computer especially for his visits to me, so we can play some of those great older games (Jane's F15, System Shock, Grim Fandango, Unreal 1, X-Wing Alliance, etc.), and with Microsoft no longer even offering the essential Win98 updates, your site has proven to be the equivalent of the cavalry riding in at the last minute to save the day... - gooberdad

Hey, this is absolutely the best article on creating bootable Windows CD's on the internet, I have looked all over and your article at is the BEST! Thank you! -Hrair

Just wanted to say thanks... After SEVERAL attempts (unsuccess attempts!) at creating a bootable XP Home CD, I finally found these steps and BINGO!!!

You guys rock. ;) - Jenn

What can I say? Once again, I am saved by your website. My PC wouldn't boot and I easily found the create a bootable WinXP disc file. It worked and now I'm working on finding the problem. TechSupportForum let me down (no replies in 14 hours!) but you guys came through. Many thanks. Will try your site first next time... - ChenZi

Dear Sir, Thanks to your guidelines on concerning Creating bootable Windows 2000/XP/2003 Disc and concerning Slipstreaming Windows 2000/XP [SP1,SP1a,SP2], I have been able to create a Windows XP Pro SP2 Bootable Disk! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this info because I made two attempts (on my own) that failed first. - Sirflowerboy

I cannot thank you enough for helping me uninstall MSN messenger. I could not have done it without you. I went to seven different Google sites before coming to your site trying to remove MSN Messenger. Clearly, you are out performing all the other sites that I visited, as I was unable to uninstall MSN Messenger with their information. Thank you for a job well done, and my complete gratitude for all your efforts... Sincerely, R. J. Somer

I like your site very much. I learn a lot from here. Recently was trying to create those software like "Slipstreaming Office XP Enterprise SP3" I find that its so useful and convenience, don't even need to key in products number anymore during setup. Thank you very much.... regards, Dary Chia

I LOVE this site. It has taught a novice XP user like myself so many nice tricks. My favorite was one I saw a few months ago, that showed how to add your own "Company Logo" (118x96 pixels) as well as the "Computer Information". - Ben Amos

I really appreciate your easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, with screenshots and I think that the information you provide is simply AWESOME. - Anonymous

Excellent site - articles on slipstreaming are great. - Martin

Having asked a colleague if he knew how to create a bootable CD under windows XP he recommended your site. 20 minutes later I had what I need, a bootable CD1 Excellent, clearly written and very easy to follow. Thank you, I'll be returning next time I encounter a problem. - Peter Watson

Hi, your article one slipstream is very useful to me. I must thank you for the article. - Steve Wilfred

You guys have an awesome site. I was trying to make a bootable WinXP SP1 CD and I wasn't having any luck on my own. I typed my problem into Google and there your site popped up. The info was right on and super informative. I have already bookmarked the site for future reference. Keep up the good work! - Paul

You have some beautiful screen shots in your directions for making Bootable CD for XP. - Glenn Muman

I really like the site and have been coming here every day for over a year -- Great Job! After seeing the not on FeedDemon I downloaded and installed it. I like the idea of having one place to check new posts at online forums I frequent as well as your excellent site. - Loren Cook

Well done, well presented and informative. - Tolga

First time here, just like to say thanx! Totally GREAT SITE. - Benger

I have to say your site is one of the best sites about Windows Tweaking and downloading software from Microsoft. - Tad Ensign

I wanted to thank you for the information to create an upgraded bootable XP disk. I was so happy when it worked out. AND I own the very version of Nero that you worked from, which made it even better. - Richard A. McCormick

I read your guide on slipstreaming sp1 into Windows XP and it was great. - Softimage|3D

Thanx you for the slipstreaming SP2 into XP information !! I think your site is one of the best I´ve seen since a long time. Keep it up. - Ruud Postma

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