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  Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks (Using)  
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Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks (Using) (TTID #343)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 10,786 /  Created: September 11, 2004
- View Executive Software: Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks (Installation) (TTID #341)

Using Executive Software: Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks is simple and straight forward.

Click the Start > Programs > Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks.

- OR -

Double Click the Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks icon on the Desktop.

Click the Next > button.

Wait while the network resources are enumerated.

Note: Wait time will vary.

Click on the + to expand the tree.

Optionally you can check the checkbox to select all network devices.

Check the check boxes next to the network devices you wish to Analyze.

Note: Connections to remote computers are dependant on these points:
  • Remote computers must be a member of a domain, and you
    must enter a username\password for a domain account with
    Administrator privileges, or;
  • Remote computers that are not members of a domain (but are
    instead members of a workgroup) must all be accessible with
    the same username\password for a local account with
    Administrator privileges.
Click the Next > button.

Type in the User name.
Type in the Password.
Note: Blank passwords are not permitted.

If you are running from a Domain Controller, check the
This is a delegated/local administrator account. check box.

Note: To use a Delegated or Local Administrator account instead of
a Domain Administrator account, select the appropriate check box
in the ‘Account Credentials' dialog box.

Click the OK button.

Wait for the Disk Performance Analyzer to complete.

Note: Wait time will vary.

The Performance Loss Report will automatically launched in the default Internet Browser.
Examine the Performance Loss Report.
Use the +'s to expand the trees to view additional details.
Run Executive Software Diskeeper or Windows Disk Defragmenter to optimize the systems requiring attention.

- View Sample Performance Loss Report (Only works with Internet Explorer)

Click the Save Report button, if you want to save the report for later viewing.

Click the Next > button.

Click the Finish button.

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