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  Creating a Windows 9x Startup Disk  
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Creating a Windows 9x Startup Disk (TTID #31)

Author: Kevin   Views: 21,220 /  Created: January 1, 2001
You should always have a startup disk that you can use to boot your computer, in the event that something goes wrong with Windows. You can use the Add/Remove Programs utility to create a new one. You will need one blank 3.5" floppy diskette and your Windows 9x CD.

Click the Start > Settings > Control Panel

Double Click the Add/Remove Programs icon.

Click the Startup Disk tab.

Click the Create Disk button.

Insert a new blank floppy diskette into your floppy drive

Insert your Windows 9x CD into your CD-ROM drive.
(Note: If your Windows 9x CD AutoPlays close that Window.)

Click the OK button, when you're ready to begin creating the startup disk.

Wait for the diskette to be created.

Click the OK button when it is finished.

To test your startup diskette close all opened programs and restart your computer (Note: Leave the Windows 9x CD and the 3.5" floppy diskette in the computer). When you restart the computer you should see an A: prompt with a flashing cursor (an underline). Type in your CD drive letter, typically D, followed by a colon. Type DIR. You should see the contents on the Windows 9x CD.

If you are unable to access your CD disc drive then your Startup Disk will not work. Contact your computer manufacturer for additional support. If your Startup disk worked remove it from the floppy drive, label it, and put it in a safe place where you'll find it if you ever need it. Remove the Windows 9x CD and return it back to proper storage. Restart your computer.

Revision History:

09.17.2002 - Reduced the image file sizes for faster loading. Changed article format so it is easier to follow. - Kevin

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