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  When to use gold or tin SIMM memory on motherboard  
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When to use gold or tin SIMM memory on motherboard (TTID #3)

Author: Kevin   Views: 11,278 /  Created: January 1, 2001
Some motherboards use gold-lead SIMM sockets. However, most motherboards use tin-lead. Mixing dissimilar metals in your memory solution is NOT recommended (ie. using gold plated memory in a tin-lead SIMM socket) . Studies show that fretting occurs when tin comes in pressure contact with gold or any other metal. Tin debris will transfer to the gold surface and oxidize. Continued transfer will build up an oxide film layer. Tin surfaces always have a natural oxide. Despite this, electrical contact is easily made between two tin surfaces. Oxides on both soft surfaces will bend and break, ensuring contact. The resistance of the oxidation layer builds up over time when one surface is hard. Increasing the contact resistance will ultimately result in memory failures.

Source: Edward Bock, AMP P316-90, Mateability of Tin to Gold, Palladium, and Silver.

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