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FREE Microsoft Plus 95 Components (TTID #28)

Author: Kevin   Views: 29,905 /  Created: January 1, 2001
Font Smoothing & Plus! Display Enhancements

Microsoft Plus! offers 3 different display enhancements: Full Window Drag, Font Smoothing, and Wallpaper Stretching. With Full Window Drag enabled, when you use your mouse to move or resize a window, you drag/resize the actual window and not a dotted outline of it. Font Smoothing smoothes the jagged edges of screen fonts. Font Smoothing requires 16-bit (64K) color or better. Wallpaper Stretching stretches a wallpaper to full screen, which is especially useful if you run your display at 800x600 or higher resolution.

To enable these display enhancements without buying Microsoft Plus!, download and run the free Microsoft utility w95gray.exe (170k), which is available at the Microsoft® Typography ( web site. This will add a Plus! tab to the display properties, which will have a check boxes to enable the display enhancements and an easy way to change your desktop icons.

Warning! - The Windows 95 font smoother should ONLY be installed and uninstalled on computers running Windows 95.
w95gray.exe [170Kb / 07.23.1997] - download now

Full-Color Icons

Windows 95 supports 256 color icons. 256-Color Icon Support requires 16-bit (64K) color or better. To enable 256-color icon support without buying Microsoft Plus! see the above tip, or you can make by editing following registry.

Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\desktop\WindowMetrics
Create a new value named Shell Icon BPP
Assign it the value of 16
Restart Windows

Microsoft Desktop Themes Executable

This update is just on of the ways to take advantage of themes. Desktop Architect is an alternative theme manager. (For more information on this update, please visit Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB), Article Q160846.

themes.exe [85Kb] - download now

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