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  After removing spy-ware you lose your Internet connection  
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After removing spy-ware you lose your Internet connection (TTID #257)

Author: Travis   Views: 540,265 /  Created: May 22, 2003
If you have suddenly lost your Internet connection after removing spy-ware (such as NewDotNet, and Commonname) the following steps will help restore your connection. This works for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP.

1.) Download (by: Option^Explicit)
2.) UnZip (Pay close attention to where the file is extracted to.)
3.) Run WinsockFix.exe.
4.) Click the Fix button.

This program will clean up your TCP/IP connection and rebuild the database. After the program is complete, reboot and your problems should be resolved.

To monitor this programs success rate and follow its usage, visit Lavasoft Support Forums.

Source: Option^Explicit

Revision History:

04.11.2003 - Original Article. - Travis

05.22.2003 - Updated link, per Option^Explicit.
Because the fix has become popular enough, it has been redone as one .exe programmed using VB. The download is smaller (684k) as a Zip and can be transferred to a broken computer via a single floppy diskette. Old link to be deleted soon. - Kevin
06.11.2004 - The download link is not working. We are temporarily mirroring the file. - Kevin

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