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  Enabling Overburn 'disc-at-once'  
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Enabling Overburn 'disc-at-once' (TTID #253)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 201,137 /  Created: March 12, 2003
*Note: Nero CD Speed will help you determine what your drive is capable of.

Before beginning, please read the warning from Ahead Software.

< Begin Quote >

The overburn option may be used to burn CDs with a larger capacity than the CD-R/CD-RW would normally permit you to write.

The maximum overburn CD capacity cannot be determined automatically! You can try adding a few minutes to the capacity that is mentioned on your blank disc.

Warning: Since normal CD-Rs are not designed for this amount of data, there may be errors at the end of the CD. You might also damage your CD recorder. Use this option at your own risk!

< End Quote >

Verify the CD Recorder supports Overburn.

Click Recorder > Choose Recorder...

Select the CD Recording Device in the list.

Verify Overburn is Supported.

Click the OK button.

NOTE: Only continue if Supported was displayed in the above step.

Click File > Preferences...

Optional: You can adjust The Yellow and Red marker settings.

Click on the Expert Features tab.

1.) Check the Enable overburn 'disc-at-once' burning (read the notes below!!!) check box.

2.) Enter a desired Maximum CD length.

3.) Click the OK button.

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