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  Doom III Alpha  
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Doom III Alpha (TTID #215)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 18,951 /  Created: November 2, 2002
Note: Some of these codes contain bugs which will actually crash the map you are currently playing.

All the codes here do NOT contain the shown symbols such as ^:>';/.[], ECT.

Code Effect
give healthGives Health
give weapon_[weapon name]

-.)  give weapon_FIST
1.)  give weapon_PISTOL
2.)  give weapon_SHOTGUN
3.)  give weapon_MACHINEGUN
4.)  give weapon_HANDGRENADES
5.)  give weapon_PLASMAGUN
6.)  give weapon_ROCKETLAUNCHER
7.)  give weapon_RAILGUN
8.)  give weapon_BFG
9.)  give weapon_CHAINSAW
0.)  give weapon_FLARE
-.)  give weapon_SOULCUBE
Gives Weapons*CAUTION!*

Note: Not all of these work.
Pistol, Shotgun,machinegun,handgrenades,plasmagun,rocketlauncher,bfg,chainsaw,flare will load.
give ammoGives full ammo
godGod mode
noclipTurns no clipping mode and off*CAUTION!*
give healthGives you Health
give allGives you everything*CAUTION!*
com_maxfps [0-anything]Allows you to set your 'fps' to your desire*CAUTION!*
com_drawfps [0-1]Draws your frames per second
map [map name]

  map e3/intro
  map e3/e3_1
  map e3/e3_2
  map e3/e3_3
  map fred/e3bathroom5
Change level*CAUTION!*
editorStarts Doom Editor

*Will probably crash
924Door code for e3\e3_2

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