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  Warcraft III  
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Warcraft III (TTID #113)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 16,900 /  Created: July 9, 2002
Code Effect
whosyourdaddyInvincibility and one hit kills
IseedeadpeopleShow Full Map
allyourbasearebelongtousInstant Victory
somebodysetusupthebombInstant Defeat
strengthandhonorContinue playing after losing in campaign mode
thedudeabidesCool down
itvexesmeDisable victory conditions
keysersoze (number)Gold; 500 is default
leafittome (number)Lumber; 500 is default
greedisgood (number)Gold and Lumber; 500 is default
warptenFast Construction
iocainepowderFast Death
whoisjohngaltFast Research
synergyTech tree unlocked
riseandshineSet time to morning
lightsoutSet time to evening
daylightsavings (hour)Set time of day
daylightsavingsToggle daylight progression
thereisnospoonUnlimited mana
motherland (race)(level)Level Select

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