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06.29.2015 - HGI to conclude its work by 2016

View RealWire related news. Current industry trends and rise of open source projects has contributed to the decision 29 June 2015. The Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) today announced its plan to complete its current work by mid-2016 and bring the organisation to a close. In order to achieve this, HGI will accelerate and finish the important work still underway. Following the end of the organisation, the requirements documents created by HGI will remain available to the industry.HGI's Chairman Luca... Source: RealWire
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06.29.2015 - Calix Announces Next Generation PON Solutions that Redefine the Gigabit Experience

View RealWire related news. As device-enabled subscribers demand more, Calix introduces multiple wavelength NG-PON2 solutions primed for next generation applications ANAHEIM, CA - June 29, 2015 - Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX), the world leader in gigabit fiber deployments, today announced new cards for its E-Series portfolio that introduce both increased systems capacity and ITU/FSAN NG-PON2 support. By adding 10 gigabit per second (10 Gbps) time and wavelength division multiplexed (TWDM) PON NG-PON2 with both fixed and tunable wavelengths, Calix... Source: RealWire
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06.28.2015 - Database .NET v16 released

View PostgreSQL-Press related news.

I am happy to announce the new major release of Database .NET v16, an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool, With it you can Browse objects, Design tables, Edit rows, Export data and Run queries with a consistent interface.

Free, All-In-One, Portable, Single executable file and Multi-language.

Major New features from version 14.8 to 16.0:

  • Added Group by Connection
  • Added Single-click button
  • Added Displaying Data Types on the column header
  • Added Search Connection Explorer
  • Added Importing and Exporting specific fields
  • Added Changing the column order of an existing table
  • Added Displaying Data Types on the column header
  • Support for SQL Decimal handling
  • Generating scripts: Auto Order by referenced tables
  • New AutoComplete and IntelliSense
  • New Connection Properties
  • ...and more

The new version is immediately available for download.

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06.27.2015 - On a Wing and PyFR: How GPU Technology Is Transforming Flow Simulation

View NVIDIA related news. Gamers may have been the first to enjoy the benefits of GPU technology. Today it has grown into many areas of enterprise and supercomputing where it packs an impressive punch. Now a team led by Peter Vincent, a senior lecturer in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London, is giving CFD technology a 10x… Read More
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06.26.2015 - vSphere ??????????!- ?2? ?????????(SR)?????

View VMware related news. ???????????????Marie??? ??????????????????????????? ????????????(SR)????????????????????????? ?1? ??????????? 4 ?????? ?2? ?????????(SR)????? ?This Post ?3? ??? VMware vSphere??????????????????????? ????????????·????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????OS… ??????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????·??????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? 1. ?????? ????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????…??????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ????SR??????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? VMware ?????????????? – [1. ?????] ??????????? Saito – [2. ???·?????] ???? – [3. ???????] ????????????????? – [4. ????] ??????????????????? – [5. ????] vCenter Server 5.5U2 Build 2183111 ESXi 5.5U2 Build 1892794 […]]>...
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06.26.2015 - vCloud Dare : vCloud Air relève le défi du Kilimandjaro

View VMware related news.

«Le Cloud hybride permet de surmonter les obstacles et de …

Read More

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06.26.2015 - Utvecklingen av IT-avdelningen – företagets framtid

View VMware related news.

En av de största utmaningarna bland dagens IT-avdelningar gäller människor …

Read More

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06.26.2015 - Get Help With VSAN Sizing!

View VMware related news. Sizing a new cluster can be a challenging exercise, especially if you don't know your workloads well. While we've always had decent rule-of-thumb estimators, there's nothing as good as collecting real data and using the results to size your configuration. Our own Simon Todd (aka Mr. VSAN) shares some background on the new VIP (virtualization […]]>...
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06.26.2015 - Capacity Management in SDDC – Part 9

View VMware related news. If you land into this Part 9 directly, I'd recommend that you at least review from Part 5 first. If you want to review from the conceptual stage, then go to Part 1. This is a series of blog post on Capacity Management in SDDC. Network (all tiers) To recap, we need to create the […]]>...
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06.26.2015 - Dell FX2 Posts Great VSAN Numbers

View VMware related news. The great part of the VMware hyperconverged model is that it's software-centric, which means customers get the benefit of great hardware partners who are always upping their game. Today's interesting VSAN performance results come from Dell. Recently, they engaged with Principled Technologies to benchmark a Dell FX2 stuffed with SanDisk flash against a similar HP […]]>...
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06.26.2015 - SV Competency Updated with vSphere & vSphere with Operations Management V6

View VMware related news. Update or obtain your accreditation today. The Server Virtualization (SV) Solution Competency has been updated to the latest product release (V6) to enable and rewards partners for their demonstrated ability in virtualizing server environments and providing insight into IT capacity and performance.
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06.26.2015 - What the enterprise needs to know about iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan

View VMware related news. For the first time in iOS and OS X history, Apple announced at WWDC 2015 that it is launching a public beta of its newest platforms. Available in July, the public beta will provide users a sneak-peek of the updated software. At the “What’s New in Managing Apple Devices” session during WWDC, Todd Fernandez, Senior […]]>...
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06.26.2015 - Tuning ESXi for NFV Workloads

View VMware related news. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) enables the efficiency and agilitybenefits that come from untethering network functions from proprietaryappliances and moving them to a virtualized infrastructure running overhypervisors and COTS hardware. Enterprise IT departments have beenrealizing such benefits for a number of years but the telecommunicationsenvironment brings new workloads with different requirements. The vSphere ESXi hypervisor provides a high-performance and competitiveplatform that effectively runs many Tier 1 application workloads invirtual machines. By default, ESXi has been heavily tuned for driving highI/O throughput efficiently by utilizing fewer CPU cycles and conservingpower, as required by a wide range of workloads. Telco and NFV application workloads are different from the typical Tier Ienterprise application workloads in that they tend to be any combinationof latency sensitive, jitter sensitive, high packet rate or highbandwidth. vSphere ESXi can be tuned specifically for such workloads to achieve best performancein the NFV use case. I recently published a white paper with many useful tips fortuning the ESXi hypervisor, the hardware infrastructure as well as NFVapplications to achieve good performance on ESXi. You can learn more about NFV at . More Telco-related blogs can be found at .
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06.26.2015 - Video: Enterprise mobility news recap: June 22-26

View VMware related news. Thanks for tuning in today on the Weekly Recap of the AirWatch Blog.Today we will review recent announcements made at the VMware Business Mobility event, cover a possible $500 million e-commerce investment and highlight enterprise features from the announcements made at the Apple WWDC event. To start off the recap, let’s talk about the several […]]>...
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06.26.2015 - vSphere Business Continuity Webcast

View VMware related news. Next up in the vSphere 6 Webcast Series is the very important topic of business continuity. For many, business continuity equals business productivity and application downtime needs to be minimized or eliminated. Learn how vSphere 6 reduces downtime for applications and maximizes productivity for businesses. Matt Meyers will lead our discussion on availability and data […]]>...
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06.26.2015 - Seagate Demos HAMR Drives at InterMag Conference

View Seagate-Technology related news. Magnetics — and their continuing advancement — are crucial building blocks for our industry. That’s why you’ll see Seagate, along with many of our global competitors, suppliers, customers and academic researchers, in full force each year at the IEEE International Magnetics Conference (or “InterMag” as it’s known for short). This conference is the world’s top […]
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06.26.2015 - Carsharing is getting easier than driving one's own car

View RealWire related news. Siegen, June 26, 2015 - Thanks to INVERS, the market leader in carsharing technology, you can now open a carsharing vehicle and drive off - just by using the watch on your wrist. The company has in fact developed an app for the Apple smartwatch that combines all essential functions for car-share users. To date, one had to use chip cards and smartphones, which are more inconvenient to handle than car keys, to obtain access... Source: RealWire
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06.26.2015 - Shavlik Protect Now Available On Microsoft Azure Marketplace

View RealWire related news. Users Can Now Install Patch Management Service on Microsoft Azure in Less Than One MinuteMINNEAPOLIS — June 26, 2015 — Shavlik today announced Shavlik Protect is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, enabling users to install the full version of Shavlik Protect in Microsoft's cloud computing platform in less than one minute. This offering extends Shavlik's powerful patch management capabilities to the cloud and includes agent and agent-less management options. It also includes support... Source: RealWire
Full View / NID: 54824 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

06.25.2015 - Logitech Announces Sue Gove, Lung Yeh and Edouard Bugnion as New Board Nominees

View Logitech-Press related news. Dateline City: NEWARK, Calif. & LAUSANNE, Switzerland NEWARK, Calif. & LAUSANNE, Switzerland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Logitech International (SIX: LOGN) (Nasdaq: LOGI) today announced that its board of directors will ask shareholders at its next annual general meeting (AGM) to approve the election to the board of directors of three new nominees. They are: Language: English Contact: Logitech InternationalJoe GreenhalghVice President, Investor Relations – USA510-713-4430orKrista ToddVice President, Communications – USA510-713-5834orBen StarkieCorporate Communications – Europe+41-(0) 79-292-3499 Ticker Slug: Ticker: LOGI Exchange: NASDAQ Ticker: LOGN Exchange: SWX read more
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06.25.2015 - Understanding Software-Defined Networking for IT Leaders – Part 1

View VMware related news. By Reg Lo Software-defined networking (SDN) is revolutionizing the datacenter much like server virtualization has done. It is important for IT leaders to understand the basic concepts of SDN and the value of the technology: security, agility through automation and cost-savings. This blog post explores some of the security benefits of SDN using a simple […]]>...
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